Making a Move!

Okay boys, I haven’t been posting anything since the holidays began but here’s the big announcement. After using for 3 years at, it’s time I moved to a private hosted blog. I’ve acquired the domain name so anyone who reads this blog please update your link and feeds!


What are the changes? Obviously a custom theme! and more controls! I’m starting off with WPWebhost. They’re pretty awesome and trying out their free hosting first. I’ll probably go over the monthly traffic quota but I’ll wait till then. The domain name purchase is only $18.95 for 2 years so I think it’s a pretty good deal. Another thing is I promise to UPDATE MORE OFTEN!

As for this site, I’ll be updating the posts to inform readers of the new site. No point deleting this blog as it still generates a fair bit of hits. My highest was 1043 hits in a day! Oh, and obviously, I’ll put the updated guides on my new site *harhar*

Once again,


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New toy


Yeah, the new toy. Enough said.
peacewalker.jpg (500348) - Google Chrome
Here I come.
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Exam is coming soon, I’ve got bored of studying. New toy coming soon.


Good luck to myself! (and whoever who reads this)

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Lightning Bolt Action.

This made my day.



Muahaha, it’s not just on the 360. It’s on PS3…and the PC. I wonder if they’ll release a blu-ray version for the PC. Hoho…hail Kojima. And they ought to change the title of the game to Metal Gear Raiden. WHERE’S SNAKE?

Metal Gear Solid: Rising
Formats: PC, PS3, X360
Out: TBA
Publisher: Konami
Developer: Kojima

More news here.

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Wow! I’m back!

Hah, been a long time since i last blogged. It seems like time flies pretty fast this time around and the semester is coming to an end. Tomorrow is my last day for the semester and just one assignment left to go! I felt pretty good about the last two assignments I had to hand in earlier this week until dear ‘Dangerous’ Nick (as he claims himself to be) told us the answer to the assignment. It’s not a big disaster but we had the correct method figured out (and shown right to us) but we chose to do it differently somehow. Strange. Bah, it’s okay, have to think positively.

Oh, EXAM timetable. As usual, everything starts in the final 2 weeks of exam period. Two fkn weeks to study, I’ll be having fun in uni for the coming weeks. Just noticed that Infrastructure Design is in Wilson Hall….why can’t everything be in REB…

PrtScr capture

So far I’m pretty satisfied with this semester. Getting to know other group members was fun and they were all very cool peeps! I had interview and psychometric test few weeks back with VicRoads. It was a first for me and the numerical reasoning one is tough (but fun) compared to verbal reasoning. Hoping to get that call from VicRoads but chances are slim at this point. :(

Haha have been playing Street Fighter 4, i suck at it but Jo showed me this! AWESOME ZANGIEF IN REAL LIFE! Now that’s some real motivation for me XD.




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Thank you.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who wished me by whatever means, I got them all, I should just reply to them but I’ll do it here anyways. I’m sorry if you were expecting a reply from me haha!!

Oh by the way listened to “Ha Ha Ha” yet? Cute! lol


I didn’t plan to do anything for my birthday. I thought it was just another ordinary day, and after last year’s brutal drink session….I don’t want to experience that again ahaha. But Kenrick and the rest of Jo’s biomed gang were so nice that night, they came up to give me and Jo a mini surprise celebration. Oh, and I was sleeping when they came, on my birthday night!! I got too tired working on my assignment during the day so I had to take a break.

Love goes out to my family, friends and Facebook!! Well, what can I say, I use it too often myself. Who goes remembering everyone’s birthday when there’s Facebook!

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Experiments and why my E71 rocks

Currently loving my desktop. Was experimenting some nice little apps to customize my desktop. It looks very plain but it’s very functional although hiding the taskbar may be annoying at times. Luckily there’s Launchy! haha


Having owned the Nokia e71 for 2 months, I am very much in love with it haha. Of course, the iPhone may excel in many areas but this e71 is not a phone to laugh at. The e71 is slimmer than the iPhone, more solid built and construction. The iPhone has a touch screen but i’ll always stick to my keyboard, so much more control when typing stuff.

Multimedia is one of the lacking features in e71 but it’s not one of my main priorities. A better phone and functionality(especially Multi-tasking! which is not on the iPhone unless its Pwned) is more important for me. And boy Apple, it took you till iPhone OS3.0 to get copy and paste into the phone?? I’m pretty sure Windows 3.1 had it too. Of course, the Mac OS on the iPhone is so much easier to use, especially with the superior web browsing experience. Connectivity wise, the e71 beats the iPhone flat out. Bluetooth is just weak on the iPhone and you can’t pair with devices at your will. With JoikuSpot, I can turn my e71 into a wireless gateway, how convenient. e71 has Voip built in with SIP support. No fuss on what software to install compared to the iPhone. Now I always use internet to make free calls back home on my phone. 


Oh, before I forget, I can always have a spare battery in case my Phone dies. Can you do that with your iPhone? Oops, can’t do. Let your girlfriend play with your iPhone for a few hours and you might not be able to search for nice places to dine or make a phone call. Inconvenient… Apple still has lots to fix in that department.

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