Using PS3 Controller in Windows (Wired)


Well, this is one of my tips for those Vista and XP users who wants to use their SIXAXIS or Dualshock 3 controller.

*Update 20th March 2009 – New Windows Dualshock 3 Drivers from japanese coder and new layout.
*Update 2nd November 2008 - Notes on WinSIXAXIS implementation. Read towards the end.

- I’ve updated this post and divided into Four Methods. I’m not using wired anymore but I’ll test if I have free time. Please please spend a little on a bluetooth dongle! It works wonders!!!

- Method A is the first and original method (did not work for me)

- Method B is my preferred method.

- Method C is an improvement of Method A, utilizing PPJoy but not for Dualshock 3.

- Method D is the latest and drivers created by a Japanese coder. This should be the BEST method, currently.


Method A

1. Download this archive

2. Install the filter driver (libusb-win32-filter-bin- or is fine).

3. Vista users, run libusb driver at “XP SP2 Compatibility Mode” and “Run as Administrator”.

4. Unpack ps3sixaxis_en.exe

5. Plug the SIXAXIS/DS3 into your PC.

6. Run ps3sixaxis_en.exe once.

7. Push the PS button on the SIXAXIS once if it doesn’t see it straight away.

- I’ve tried the suggested fix here as well and a few other sites but it still failed.


- I’ve realised that the libusb-win32 drivers had to be installed in Vista as Administrator and Compatibility Mode. So it should be where I went wrong the last time I’ve tried. It should work for Vista and XP now but I haven’t tried as I’m going wireless now.

Method B

- Method A DID NOT work for me (although it should now) so I used another driver. Here’s the page for the driver:

- Just download this: SixAxisDriver.exe. Works fine for my Dualshock 3. Just plug the controller in via USB and load drivers and Windows will recognize the controller.


- To configure the buttons, maybe try using this program called PPJoy. If to no avail, then try WinSIXAXIS mentioned below.

Method C

- An alternative which I’ve found recently is WinSIXAXIS, it’s worth trying as it saves the trouble of manually installing the drivers and libusb-win32. It also uses PPJOY to map buttons. Check it out here. I’ve tested it and my notes are down below.

- Yes, this works for wired controller only,  for wireless there’s a program called BtSix.

- You can get the latest BtSix here.  I have tested with my Bluetooth 2.0 dongle and it works!

- Here’s the guide to use PS3 Controller in Windows via Wireless Bluetooth!

- I have tested WinSIXAXIS and here’s my notes on it: ( I assume that everyone is using Vista and had ps3sixaxis_en.exe installed first before trying WinSIXAXIS)


- WinSIXAXIS has freezing issues and DOES NOT support Dualshock3 (constant vibration).
– Anyone who have success with WinSIXAXIS please do comment so to let people know if it works.

  • To Fix Freezing Issue
  • To fix this, you have to remove ps3sixaxis_en.exe completely (and libusb-win32 drivers first).
  • Then next step is to ensure total removal of the drivers for the PS3 controller.
  • Go to Device Manager and when you plug in your PS3 controller, you will see the “USB Human Interface Device” come up. This should be your PS3 controller.
  • To confirm that it is, you have to counter-check by going to “Control Panel > Game Controllers” and see that your “PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller” is there.
  • Disable the “USB Human Interface Device” in Device Manager, and in Game Controllers window, your controller should dissapear. Enable and it will reappear again.
  • This is to confirm that it is your PS3 Controller you’re messing with. (Yes, stupid but safe than sorry)
  • Okay, Confirmed. Now Right-Click and select “Uninstall“.
  • We’re almost there. If you have PPJoy installed, please Uninstall PPJoy first.
  • Now after clearing everything, we have to create our own .inf driver file
  • Download the file here.
  • Extract the file and go to “bin” folder, open “inf-wizard.exe
  • Plug in your PS3 controller to PC via usb cable, there will be a usb device added into the list in “inf-wizard.exe”
  • Select it, and click Next.
  • Change the Manufacturer name to “Sony
  • Change the Device name to “PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller“.
  • Press Next, and save the “name.inf” file to the “bin” folder. (there should be a .cat and .inf file created)
  • Please make sure that the .inf file is together with “libusb0.dll” and “libusb0.sys”
  • Keeping the controller plugged in via usb cable, go to “Control Panel > Device Manager“, select the PS3 Controller from the list of “Human Interface Devices”. It should be “USB Human Interface Device
  • Right-click and choose “Update drivers” and choose “Have disk method“.
  • Point to the “bin” folder and installation should proceed.
  • Now we’re done installing the drivers for the PS3 Controller.
  • Install WinSIXAXIS which comes along with PPJoy and LibUsb-Win32 drivers. Remember Vista users, install LibUsb drivers as Administrator and Compatibility Mode to XP SP2.
  • Just cancel Libusb-win32 installation. Navigate to Program Files>WinSIXAXIS>Installer and Run Libusb-win32 drivers.
  • AFTER ALL THAT, you can finally use the guide from the Author here.

Method D

- Japanese coder, Tamamy, released Windows Drivers for the Dualshock 3 and supports SixAxis too. It has rumble support too:

- First you need to download the 4 driver files from here

ds3drv_1.02 – Normal driver version
ds3drv_dx_1.02.11 – DX driver version
SDDriverSetting (english) – utility to tweak some settings including bluetooth
ForceFeedbackDriver – Rumble driver, install Normal or DX version first
TaskTraySwitch – you may need this when using rumble

- After that, plug in your PS3 controller with USB cable and go to Control Panel > Device Manager.

- Extract all the driver files you’ve downloaded.

- Under Human Interface Device, there will be “USB Human Interface Device” . Right-click and choose “update driver software” and select the “Have Disk” method and point to “dualshock3.inf” which you’ve extracted.

- For the ForceFeedback drivers, you have to right-click on the “DUALSHOCK3FF.inf” file and choose “Install”, then when you’re gaming there will be a tray icon to tweak the rumble settings. First menu asks to toggle on/off rumble. Second menu opens a window to tweak strength of rumble for the controller.

- This page might be of interest for you guys as it discusses this method:

- Notes: I have tried and Windows recognizes all six-axis and buttons but can’t really play games unlike BtSix, bluetooth method. I think Xpadder will do the job fine but mapping the keys is pain in the arse.

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17 Responses to Using PS3 Controller in Windows (Wired)

  1. Derrek says:

    I am looking for drivers for the wireless keypad (blue tooth) for windows. Anyone know of any?

    I have a media PC for streaming video hooked up to my HD tv and need a keyboard for it, but I don’t want a full size keyboard. The wireless keypad is a nice size and will fit with my other remotes nicely. I got one for Christmas, but would not use it on the PS3 much, so I thought it would be better fitted to my media PC. If it would not work as a keyboard for the PC then I’m going to return it and get something else.



  2. davidcar77 says:

    Hi. First of all thanks Daviem Lim for this two tutorials to connect the PS3 controllers on a PC. I have decided to try first the wired connection. I got to install the winsixaxis along with PPJoy and libusb-win32 and solved the freezing issue of winsixaxis. Then i calibrate the sixaxis control with winsixaxis and when i run prince of persia the control does not work at all and X360 controllers option in controls option is disabled. I have tried running and not running winsixaxis, mapping the controller with PPJoy configurations as you have in the bluetooth section for tombraider/silent hill/prince of persia and nothing. Please i need your help because i don´t wanna try the bluetooth way cause i have my bluetooth device built-in in my laptop.

  3. Ho-Lip Tex says:

    Awesome! Now I can’t use any USB flash drives, in addition to not still being able to use the PS3 controller. Vista sucks. Any advice on how to restore the USB drivers? (reinstalling doesn’t work).

  4. Ho-Lip Tex says:

    Ok, fixed that (still HATE Vista). Let’s try again…

  5. Suburban says:

    Didn’t work for XP or Vista…


  6. Zylorian says:

    Worked for me, thanks!

  7. ptzr says:

    well I feel I have to post a warning for winsixaxis. after automatically installing everything it broke, among other things, my usb and networking controllers. since i didnt have any previous ps3 controller driver, it couldnt have been any conflicts either.

  8. ptzr says:

    ok. addition and explanation.
    i use vista 32bit, and after trying another driver, ive identified the problem – the libusb win32 filter.

  9. Nightshade722 says:

    got it to work with the wired WinSIXAXIS approach, my only problem is i cant configure PPJoy properly to use the triggers as analog instead of digital. playing grid with instant on/off throttle is hell, if you end up off the track in the dirt (due to the pc versions insane steering sensitivity -_-) you literally cannot get back on the track because you cant use the throttle delicately. you sit and spin. if anyone knows how to map L2 and R2 in ppjoy to be analog (full range triggers) instead of digital (on/off, no midrange) post here!

  10. Bishop says:

    Been messing around with a lot of this stuff lately and all it has brought me is pain in all shapes and sizes..

    still n o one says the one thing everyone wants to know..
    how do you uninstall “fully” ps3 sixaxis_en and libusb?
    they are not totally uninstalling when I remove them.
    even after doing a search for the files with those names, they still remain somewhat.

    My ps3 controller just pulls up now..
    and when I try the winsixaxis method my rumble won’t stop.
    just keeps rumbling until i try to calibrate it “which is ineffective”
    then I exit..

    I have spent weeks trying things to no avail..

    do not be surprised if you try this and see your pc fall apart.
    Gave me nothing but non stop grief.
    and I build pc’s..

  11. Nightshade722 says:

    you cant use DS3 with WinSIXAXIS because it doesnt handle the rumble. hence why it rumbles constantly. i had to go back to using my sixaxis that was packaged with the system. luckily they all come with an old school sixaxis anyway.

    ive gotten mine to work fine, stable and all. FACT..

  12. Bishop says:

    Maybe I can find a non rumble ps3 controller.
    Still, even using another method my ps3 controller just keeps pulling up.
    thats when i use the libusb method with ps3 sixaxis_en.
    controller wont stop pulling up..
    makes the z rotation axis completely lock upwards.
    same thing with gamesake drivers.

    is there a non libusb method?
    anyone ever had that issue with their ps3 controller pulling up?
    even in “game controllers” calibration in “control panel”
    it shows my z rotation locked upwards.
    this is on XP sp3.
    I just can’t seem to fix it.

    on several occasions it has knocked out my usb devices and ethernet.
    There are issues all over the place with people using libusb win 32 and watching their pc’s fall apart..
    not just me.
    I wish it worked flawlessly and for everyone..
    but it can just as easily thrash your system as it could work.

    I just bought this controller..
    I’ll try to buy another, maybe it’s hardware related.
    I can’t see how, it’s brand new..

  13. Bishop says:

    I went and bought a non dual shock ps3 controller and it works..
    Maybe some kind of issue with the dual shock that affects some systems..
    or maybe a hardware failure..
    I’m really not sure..
    but hardware failure seems extremely unlikely being that the thing is less than a month old and I treat my toys well.

    I’m also running it on a pci usb card, just to be safer from conflicts.

  14. Davies Lim says:

    Yes, often the culprit is Libusb32 drivers. It can cause all your usb ports to malfunction and stuff but uninstalling will do the trick. I stated that WinSixAxis doesn’t work with Dualshock 3 so can’t do much there Mr.Bishop. The program name suggests itself if you haven’t noticed. I will say this again! Get a bluetooth dongle! saves all the trouble! its very cheap! I’d recommend an ASUS bluetooth dongle.

  15. craemer says:

    Just wondering if anyone has gotten PS3 controllers to work on x64?

  16. Ethan Wilson says:

    The Method D worked the easiest for me.

  17. Jesse says:

    I tried this tweak method A, in the control panel in winxp the controller is detected i am able to see the buttons lit as i push and everything, I’ve tried using the controller on 2 of my games i have on my PC, ‘spider man web of shadows and prototype’ but the controller is not identified as a controller device on both games, is this tweak only good when you playing emulator games, please advice.

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