Use PS3 Controller in Windows (Wireless Bluetooth)


Update: All updates and proper methods are updated at the new website.

Link to new website is here: DAVIESLIM.COM

Following up to the guide on using PS3 Controller in Windows, here’s another one to use it via Bluetooth. And now it has vibration support as well! Hope this guide helps! Also, for those who want to copy anything from my guide please do inform me. I hate it when people just claim everything was their own work. Some of the methods are discovered by myself so credit me!

- Firstly, we need to download some files!

  • Bluetooth dongle (must be 2.0 above!)
  • Libusb32 drivers (please read end of post): Link
  • BtSix 1.5c (credits to 89ron) : Link
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Library (when you get Application error for BtSix): Link
  • PPJoy 0.83 (configures buttons): Link | Homepage
  • FreeBT driver (allows BtSix to access dongle): Link


*Updated Games for Windows setup and DLL files (i.e. The Last Remnant)
*Added Mirrors Edge and FEAR2:Project Origin button mapping.
*Added Tomb Raider Underworld PC button mapping.
*Added Prince of Persia PC button mapping
*Button mapping for Silent Hill Homecoming works using TR:U setting
*Dead Space PC works with PS3 controller (SIXAXIS / Dualshock3).

- OK, here goes!

- Install Libusb-win32-filter. v0.1.10.1 for XP and v0.1.12.1 for Vista. Please install as administrator and compatibility mode set to XP SP2. If your USB devices start to dissapear, try updating your chipset drivers (which worked for me).

- Extract BtSix drivers to somewhere easy to locate i.e. Desktop

- Extract and Install FreeBT drivers:

  • For new Bluetooth dongle, plug in and when it asks to install drivers, point to the folder location of where you extracted the FreeBT driver files or BtSix’s “Driver XP 32 Bit” folder.
  • If you’re using your existing dongle! Just go into Control Panel > Device Manager. Find your Bluetooth device and Right-click on it and it will give you an option to “Update the drivers”.
  • Choose the location of FreeBT drivers from the extracted folder “freebt\src\driver” or BtSix’s “Driver XP 32 Bit” folder.


- Run PPJoy which you’ve downloaded.
  • Launch “Configure Joysticks” from PPJoy, and add a new virtual controller.
  • Windows might ask you to install drivers, you’ll need to look for BtSix’s “Driver XP 32 Bit” folder.
  • You can start mapping the buttons to your liking, but feel free to do it later.
  • You can close “Configure Joysticks”.
- Make sure you’ve plugged your Bluetooth dongle (direct to PC not USB hub preferred)
- Now we start pairing the controller with the PC using a USB cable, the drivers should install automatically if not already installed.
- Launch “BtSix” and click “Address“. There should be a hex code for your controller. If not, there’ll be a warning.
- You can unplug your controller, and press the PS Home button.
- The “Pitch” and “Roll” Bars will be moving based on your controller’s movement.
- Now its time to configure the controller buttons. You will have to restart BtSix every time you change the key mappings.

- Note: Some Games for Windows (especially those X360 ports) will run the PS3 controller (with key map A below) just like the X360 controller by inserting a .DLL file into the game folder. Here it is: DLL
(A) Setting for Tomb Raider Underworld / Silent Hill Homecoming / Prince of Persia / Mirrors Edge / The Last Remnant

Image Link: PC PPJoy Button Mapping

- Tomb Raider Underworld, Silent Hill Homecoming, Price of Persia and Mirror’s Edge uses the 360 mapping as well and PS3 controller WORKS with the PC version.

- For The Last Remnant, make sure you insert the .DLL files into your “binary” folder (vibration support)! Download here. Gimme a shout if it works, i’m still testing this.

(B) Setting for Dead Space PC.

Image Link: Dead Space PC PPJoy Button Mapping

- Dead Space uses Xbox 360 controller input so the PS3 controller CAN work too.

- You just have to change some settings in PPJoy, see the picture above.

(C) Setting for Devil May Cry 4 / DMC4

Image Link: Devil May Cry 4 PC PPjoy Button Mapping

- I used 4 axis, 13 buttons, 1 POV hats.
(D) Settings for and FEAR 2: Project Origin

- You have to use Xpadder for this to work. Get it here.
- Using this PPJoy config as shown here: PC PPJoy Button Mapping
- Download these files: xpadder profile and xpaddercontroller
- Place the files into the Xpadder folder and run the game.
- Test and it should work! (xpadder controller file may not work for your computer, you can create one yourself)
PPJoy configurations
Default configurations which helped me guide through which button is which.


0 – left stick x axis

1 – left stick y axis

2 – right stick x axis


4 – right stick y axis

5 – tilt x axis (left negative, right positive)

6 – tilt y axis (forward negative, backword positive)

7 – square

8 – x

9 – circle

10- triangle

11- R1

12- L1

13- R2

14- L2

15- Dpad left

16- Dpad down

17- Dpad right

18- Dpad up


0 – square

1 – x

2 – circle

3 – triangle

4 – R1

5 – L1

6 – R2

7 – L2

8 – Dpad left

9 – Dpad down

10- Dpad right

11- Dpad up

12- start

13- right stick button

14- left stick button

15- select

16- PS3 home button

- Remember, you have to restart BtSix again (sometimes removing BT dongle and controller and plugging them into the computer again) so that the changes take into effect.

- The controller can only be paired with either the PC or the PS3. So you have to turn OFF your nearby PS3. You will have to pair with the computer each time. It’s not much of a hassle, really.

- I’ve also successfully used my Dualshock 3 to control windows with the help of Xpadder.

  1. Other help:- I got most of my info searching through forums and other guides.- Here are some of the good ones: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3
  2. Problems installing drivers: - For those who can’t get Bluetooth drivers to install on their system, I recommend installing WinDS3 (Buy if you like it!!) (its trial but it helps install the drivers for you) After that, use the above methods to map the buttons. (thanks Jay for the tip!)
  3. Libusb-win32 Notes- The libusb-win32 doesn’t run straight under Vista for most people.- If you’ve installed it, uninstall the drivers first and remove “libusb0.sys” from both “system32″ and “system32\drivers” folder.- Then run the libusb-win32-setup.exe under Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode, and as Administrator.- If you have BSOD during shutdown/restart or just have problems with Libusb, remove the libusb0.sys and libusb0.dll (not uninstall, just delete the files) and install v0.1.10.1.
  4. For Vista64:- Libusb win64: Link- Vista64 needs signed drivers from Microsoft, here’s a way to bypass them: Link- PPJoy is only working for Vista 32 at the moment.- In conclusion, you can’t use BtSix for Vista64 yet.


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158 Responses to Use PS3 Controller in Windows (Wireless Bluetooth)

  1. Batsgeit says:

    So, both of the bluetooth and USB drivers dont work under vista 64 bit?

  2. tricky says:

    Thanks a million! Used your tutorial and got it to work instantly! And for all of you wondering, i’ve seen one or two users that has been able to get it to work with 64bit. Also, regarding the USB i found out this that could be of help:

    “I’ve been doing some research on the issue and found a few things that may be of interest. It is a little-known fact that there are two mutually incompatible standards for USB 1.x controllers – UHCI and OHCI (USB 2 was standardised with EHCI). OHCI is an open-standard, while UHCI is proprietary to Intel. As far as I know, only VIA has licensed UHCI from Intel, while everyone else used OHCI. From the previous posts, it seems that those whose Fightsticks work (Intel and VIA users) all have UHCI USB chipsets, while all those for whom it doesn’t work (AMD, NEC, Nvidia etc.) all have OHCI USB chipsets.

    The easiest way that I’ve found of determining which type you have is to open Device Manager (in the Control Panel), and expand the ‘Universal Serial Bus controllers’ section in the device tree. There should be numerous entries ending with ‘Host Controller’. OHCI controllers are listed as ‘OpenHCD USB Host Controller’, while UHCI controllers are listed as ‘Universal Host Controller’ (‘Enhanced Controller’ are EHCI controllers for USB 2, and irrelevant here). For the benefit of others who are planning to buy the stick mainly for their PCs, could everyone please confirm that UHCI controllers work with the Fightstick but OHCI controllers don’t?”

    So… try getting a USB card with a VIA chipset. They’re pretty cheap so it should be affordable.

    Good luck!

  3. Nick says:

    So this works with 64bit vista?

  4. Tsunamai says:

    If you read the previous comments (I reccomment reading at least a few) xpadder or winds3 and some jiggery pokery the thread author described regarding getting 64bit to agree to use unsigned drivers it is possible.

  5. djmoya says:

    Is there a sure fire way to get more then 2 ps3 controllers working over bluetooth? If there is can you provide a link thanks.

  6. abc says:

    I updated my built in laptop bluetooth using btsix 1.5. how can i reinstall
    my original driver? i can’t see bluetooth in the device manager

  7. iPodshuffle says:

    okay i got it to work on x64 vista and configured it to make it like an xbox 360 the ps button is like the X button on 360 and it detect it like a ps3 button i bought 4 controllers with a single bluetooth and they run perfectly the only thing im working on is the moving sensor is a quite difficult scripting i cant do it alone still searching for that script on the world wide web or i got to make it with a few friends i would spend weeks before getting it to work perfectly…..

    Nah just kidding i aint nothing u got rick rolled hehehe

  8. Davies Lim says:

    I’ll be trying to update lots of stuff this weekend. Will me moving to private hosted so I’ll not be maintaining this side! Post comments or questions over HERE!

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