Langkawi: Day 1

It’s been quite some time since my last update…Anyways…here goes. Things have been rough everyday since Ken has been here. Langkawi was quite a trip. We had to take the bus at 11pm and reached the jetty at 5am. Luckily I had some sleep in the bus but it wasn’t enough! Also, we had quite […]

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Feel good

I feel really good now for some reason. I’m not sure how to explain this but it feels so damn good. Maybe cuz some bitches are gone. Gone far away where I can’t see ’em. Also, Langkawi trip this Friday. Gonna be a blast with my niggas. Jellyfish attack? I’m not sure hahaha but I’m […]

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taking the train..

Well it was quite a while since I took public transport to KL, especially the KL monorail. I know, i know….I haven’t been back for quite some time but it’s so hard to get to a place. Why can’t they just build trains which connect everywhere without having to walk over from one station to […]

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Exam results. Busy days.

Wow, its almost a week that I’m back in Malaysia and I haven’t complained about boredom at all. I’ve been going out each day and the next thing I know is the exam results are out already. As expected, I managed to pass every thing. And there weren’t any P’s so I’m super happy this […]

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Not that bad

The Materials 2 paper yesterday was fairly easy. Stuff which came out were almost identical to past papers…so it’s pretty lame. Finished it in about 1 hour. So now here comes my holiday. Nothing much to do besides meeting up and chilling hahaha. I had my long long sleep after a month of nonstop studying. […]

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The end is near.

OK, so I haven’t been posting anything lately. The past few weeks has been plain study, although there were some break movie sessions. I didn’t really have much stress over the whole Swot Vac period…mainly because the exams are so far apart. Studied and played just as much…I hope I do well in my exams. […]

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Choong Yi’s “surprise” cake

OK, so Sunday was Choong Yi’s Birthday and we had to remain silent about celebrating it or doing anything on that day. The culprit is none other than Pei Shan…so…we planned to surprise him at Lincoln Square while the birthday boy walks home after his sumptuous meal at a German restaurant. Not to forget he […]

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