concentrate…story time

Ok. I need to concentrate more in my studies. I’ve just wasted another day. Well not really but I didnt use most of the time to study. Play play play! Ain’t that more fun than study study Study! :X Ok, I’m bored so gonna post some stuff on Story of the Year gig. Dough got me to see them live as he knows I’m a fan. We went there and Emery was already playing. The keyboard dude is crazy. Jumping the stage and smashing his electronic keyboard. He was acting gayish as well when he was screaming and turning his ass to the crowds and shaking it. Fun to watch tho :D. Absolutely beats my eardrums to the max! Got right in front of the band and it was totally amazing. They even played Sweet Child O’ Mine from Guns N’ Roses. Sweet! Yes Guitarist Adam Russell gave me an autograph on my handphone! Check out Story Of the Year! they are Fuckin Awesome! for those light hearted get Page Avenue, and the new album In the Wake of Determination is hardcore!

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