Exams, exams

its the exam period. Swot Vac week was da bomb for students. All going to Uni just to study and ask questions. I bet a lot of people didn’t even bother to go back to uni. Don’t need help? Yup, they can take care of themselves. When it comes to the day of the exam?

“Oh fuck! I don’t know how to answer this!”

Guess the consulation and help was useful anyways. Maths tutors are the bomb. They sit there from 9am right till 4pm waiting for people to ask questions. They sit there alone most of the time. They seriously do. Bailleau is crowded, see all the people studying so hard. But all they do is use the internet. Bring their laptop with a bunch of guys and play some Dota. Free cyber cafe. Sweet. So yeah, Ballieau is the new Cyber cafe, with a positive environment e.g. books, books, books. Girls are different, they go there with a few lecture notes and find themselves entertaining themselves with guys and gossiping. Bet they study so hard at home and goes to Ballieau to waste time. My paper starts on the 7th. People are starting tomorrow. So lazy, so not motivated to study. I feel like giving her a call. oh heck, just forget it.

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