alright i need to plan my studies for this week. 2 Subjects, 2 Days. No breaks. Ok, Statics is fairly easy and nothing much can be done but it still is a pain in the ass. Materials will be much similar to Chemistry everyone is taking. So I better start being more serious. Calculations are shit, with no answer for tutorial questions, tutes were useless anyways…..tutor comes in with his iBook and babbles about how he hates chemistry. Teaching us the fundamentals of note-taking in lectures and preparing for exam for 5 weeks straight. Thanks Dave Dunstan, You Are “Wonderful“. Trevor Smith, Same Goes to You. Abraham, You’re Godlike. And for You Julian Reichl, I CAN Make Better Lecture Notes than You, You Suck At IT.

It’s no laughing matter.

After that, I can enjoy my holiday. But yeah, fuck my mind with some Chemistry 1st….

krap recommends: My Chemical Romance – Life On The Murder Scene

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