One more

  • One more week to my 2nd and 3rd examination paper!
  • One more week to my holiday!
  • One more week to my 4 weeks of boredom!
  • One more week to suffer from studying for exams….

Time flies so fast, thinking about the past few month what i have achieved in my Uni life. There was doubt. Wake up early in the morning, or dont sleep at all working on assignments. Going to uni having fun…lunch breaks were always fun…college life was much more interesting. I guess its because you get to interact more with people than in Uni. Some people say we get better every day. I hope i am academically. In terms of character development, i hope so. But lookin at the bigger picture, I haven’t really done any progress as a human being. Or have I?

Actually I’m dissapointed that I can’t do more. Dissapointed that I can’t do the things that i’ve been told and realising that i’m capable of. Too many temptations in life in university. Too many pothole and pitfalls to stumble which risk of changing my path, which led me to become particularly diligent, or too diligent sometimes…. hmm it’s good to sometimes find your soul and dream of your personality which you would like to become; the perfect you. Set the bar higher, even if you fail, you would’ve achieved a lot. Without the bitterness of failure, how can one taste the sweetness of triumph. krapman is krappin. Beware.

krap recommends: Taking Back Sunday – Louder Now

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