change the frequency

eyesOk. Bored. Statics is comin up very soon. I predict it will be a cold day again. >.<
After my exam, i wanna get a good long sleeep. Gonna head over to Ticketek to get my WWE Summerslam Tour tickets. And then decide whether to go to Hawthorne Heights gig! Hmmmm sounds like lots of fun! Looking forward to goin to Paintball with meh bro’s BioMed Eng group. Need more ppl!! So I can shoot their asses! Heheh :) Hope the tickets don’t sell out.. (i’m so gonna get the $150 ringside seat!!!) I’m so in need of a change in frequency. I need to do new things for this holiday. Seems like getting a job would be the best thing. More cash would means more money to spend. But on the other hand, I wanna save money >_<. Dota is getting boring, too boring. Too hard to find good team players these days. I’m Fully Incompatible with most players on Bored Aussie *unless they are pro! duh! -_-“*.

As you can see my blog really sucks as I’m a forever-noob-blogger. But yeah, I’m krap. So I’m shit. Feel like closing it down jor. I want a Web Host. Install my own WordPress and Use my own Theme. Which looks more like…


  • See what you get if you don’t sleep well
  • Gimme a heads up if you wanna get on my blogroll ~~

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