ohhh my goshhhh

Its the same thing again. Holidays. We’ve been doing this since last year playing and playing and playing throughout the holidays. Damn I need a life, anyways Tokyo Drift was a good movie at :P Nice cars and lots of chicks turns me on, Hoyts was totally packed packed packed just like a can of tuna. Yesterday was a great day for me, because I had a long long sleep. Slept at around 8am and woke up at 7.30pm for dinner. I woulda slept more if not for Joseph wanting dinner >__<. Anyways dinner was Hungry Jacks(SAD!) but the supper was good hehe. Went over to Hawkers Cafe where Kelene was working. Got huge huge portions :D We should go there more often! Gavin if you’re reading this….don’t worry so much about Ken alright? if he can’t gay with you, he can gay with me. He’s Mine for 1 month! WahaHHaha! Got accepted to be part of clan pig. I want to get a friggin job! A boring sunday i predict. as usual…

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