on my way..


Ok, i’m on my way there… updating my site and using the latest tag tools, bookmarklets, and making sure this site is 100% compliant to the web standards. Yeah, most of you don’t even understand what i’m saying here but it’s important that this site displays perfectly on everyone’s computer screen. For those who are still using Internet explorer, i suggest you change to Mozilla Firefox, which fully supports the current and latest web standards. Allrite, added Del.icio.us and Technorati finally. Guess this site will stay on for quite some time now. I’m still in love with WordPress. Great support and ever growing functionality thanks to the power of PHP and MySQL. Recently I was surfing the web and came across a few websites which offer great audio trackers for Media players such as iTunes, WMP, Winamp and Foobar. Maybe most of you don’t know what they are but make sure you check it out. Great portal to come into contact with new bands, artist and a wide range of music genre which are famous and have not come across. The one I recommend is Last.fm which still stands out from Gerpok or a few others which I think is not as good as Last.fm. You get something like shown here on the left. I will be updating a lot in the next few days and yeah there is a full month for me to do nothing.

lastfmpicAbout soccer, Brazil beat Australia 2-0 :| Australia is not at their best heh. The second goal by Brazil was simply a fluke if you ask me, Australia gave no defence and they were giving up hope after the first goal. But anyways, it was predictable what the outcome might be. I woke up at 1am today, been sleeping since 4pm yesterday. I like to sleep. It’s much better and healthier than Dota, which is becoming boring, although there are games which are interesting :lol: Anyways, gotta rot again anyways, i need to find a job quick so I might be doing that today…if i’m succesful of bringing myself out of this comfy little room of mine ^_^. Ok, i gotta admit i am quite excited about the paintball thingy. There seems to be some transportation difficulty but I think it will be sorted out soon. Can’t wait to shoot asses. heheeh

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