the monkeys

poserkenMy day begins when people slowly tuck themselves into bed. Time is spent on the digital world. Here. Unshaven face. Lots of sleep and lots of nothing. I’m recuperating from Uni, one semester of non-stop studying and assignments. I pretty much accepted that my course had a lot of assignments and tried my best to finish them early. Yeah, it really helped me a lot during the final weeks of exam preparation. Staying up at odd hours where interaction with people is the least helped a lot. Work is done. Results proved that it worked. I’m fairly happy with the marks i got. 13/15 for both Statics Assignment. 27.5/30 for Materials 121 Assignment. Eng Comp and Comm is remarkably easy to pass and the CAD project was completed nearly 2 weeks in advance. Looking forward for passes in my exams :cry: some wasn’t that easy but overall i think it wasn’t that bad…maybe i’m a bit paranoid of failing my first semester in Uni.

Today i will go out and get my Arctic Monkeys CD! Wanted to go to their gig but sold out in a weeks time. OMFG =_=”. It’s Ok, at least I can still listen to the album…..

Alright, tomorrow will be a fun day because we’re gonna cook! ye-sh, Japanese cooking by the master chef Ken Tamagaki from Japan (view picture, such a poser with Richelle i gotta crop it out :roll:). Yes, we guys can cook. And we cook great food! To be frank, I’m very interested in cooking (and eating doh!), but sometimes laziness… you know it ppl… Anyways, we’re gonna make tempura :P which i’ve not tried making before. Hopefully the master chef Ken will teach me how to make delicious tempura heh.

Quote from Wei Sung for the holidays, “I need human interaction..”. Dude, i’m feelin you. How bout we make go out someday aite?

Still got my sister who’s staying out in the suburbs, wanna go catch up with her. Head out to Chadstone and lepak (Manglish slang for loiter) soon after my Joseph finishes his exam today! :| Hope he does well been playing a lot of Dota lately with u-know-who-fags. Thinking of Dota, i’m still deciding on which clan to join. Clan FeAr or clan Pig? The thought of joining either one will impact both sides. The possible outcomes are.

  • stick with FeAr and do nothing about it, continue to become useless in the clan which is what I am
  • join the Pigs which are more fun and entertaining but have not met them in person
  • go rogue, which is the only solution. Both sides will be happy as well.

Since i’m not very good in the game and i’m not dedicating all my time to Dota, clan wars are way too serious and new enemies are made easily. Hey hey hey, i’m here to have fun. Dota is a fun game but it requires skills and attitude too. Lousy attitudes are equally noob-ish in a way for me. So what being good at the game when there is no sportsmanship? Enough, ciaoz.

Update: =)

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