upside down

time is upside down, this is bad but heck its the holiday season. Ok, first the tempura was unexpectedly fun and easy. Satisfied, a lot. Went to the market at 11am, but was delayed a little because Ken slept in after I gave him a wake up call grrr… Anyways, market was Fun. The chicken stall was closed so we didn’t get any chicken meat. Bought fish meat, scallops, octopus, and lots of green. Potatoes, green peas, capsicum, mushrooms and pumpkins! Fish meat was perfect and the scallops were very fresh :D. Loved the Tasmanian rock oysters, fresh but slightly small.

Cooking was at 8pm and we had a surprise guest, Richelle, not so surpised but she was supposed to go out with her mates. Anyways, we had too much to cook and it was great to have some help. Most of the cutting was done by Ken-chan. The tempura flour was easy to make but frying the foodstuff was a pain in the arse. The most favourite tempura dish was obviously the prawns and scallops. Amazingly, the mushrooms and green peas were very tasty.

I did the dishes and cleaning up the mess took quite some time but I’m used to it. Anyways, i’ve always enjoyed washing dishes and cleaning up. Much more fun than cooking and it’s the only time where i can think of nothing (although this holiday i’ve not been using any brain power). It was a great night, although spent quite a lot but it’s better that we have some “life” rather than doing “nothing” for this long holiday. Poor Ken now has to stay home for the week as a result :(

The boys stayed till quite long, around 8am. I dozed off at around 6am and got a really good sleep. Went out for some lunch and checked out at Subway for the available vacancy. Currently writing a resume for the application. Hope it turns out OK. Great, slept again and missed clubbing. Sorry guys, I really am. Headed to Hawker’s Cafe for “dinner” which was 1am. Great life here in Melbourne :D. Spent time chatting up till 5am, waiting for Kelene’s shift to end. Walked her home and here I am. Everything is great, just feel so great. The holidays seem to be getting interesting…or not.

Alright, i feel like i’m already running out on words (as usual) but bare with this B.S. Finally got my WWE Raw Summerslam Tour tickets. Lucky for both me and my brother, we got the final last 2 tickets for the premium seats :lol: Good job bro! We are finally going to meet the RAW superstars this time! I remembered the only time WWE came to Malaysia, amazing show back then, The Rock was still champion back then. Miss those WWE live moments. The intensity of the arena, the loud cheering of fans and the great show the wrestlers put up simply amazes me.

krap recommends: Snow Patrol – Eyes Open
and Dashboard Confessional – Dusk and Summer

P.S. Password protected pics for friends and family (ask me and i’ll give u adoi!) :P

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