krème de la krème

How can doughnut mix, water, and yeast create such a stir in Melbourne.

Yes, its the Krispy Kreme invading Melbournians. People are flocking to Narre Warren just to satisfy their taste buds for high quality doughnuts. Isn’t doughnut just DOUGHNUTS?? What’s so special?? I seriously have no idea before landing right at the Krispy Kreme doorstep. Before that, it was a grueling 1-hour plus wait in the queue. The lines were insane. Out of the store and around the corner. I have never imagined the amount of people willing to wait just to get their hands on a box of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. All waited patiently outside and there were some performance by kids from a gymnasium centre. Nothing really interesting though but once you step into the shop there is an area where people can view the process of making the famous Kripsy Kreme doughnuts. Really cool stuff here as we can see the doughnuts from start to end, rolling through oil and the glazed sugar, moves just like how the sushi’s do. Hahaha :P

There were a variety of doughnuts but the most famous was the original glazed doughnuts, got two boxes of it and two more of assorted flavours. I remembered the first time eating it was last year when Ban Teik got some for me from Sydney, the only store outside of the United States at that time. I really forgot how the taste seems so I had to re-discover the true speciality of Krispy Kreme (sounds like some legendary doughnut… -_-“). OK, so here goes after my first bite of the original glazed. They are so good that they melt in your mouth, you almost don’t even have to chew the doughnut. I think when Krispy Kremes are hot, they are to other doughnuts what angels are to people. Comparing to all doughnuts I’ve eaten before in my life. I can say that this is the best of the best.

Try it. I luv em! :lol:

Again, the lines are seriously insane and the craze for Krispy Kreme is somehow just crazy -_-“. I don’t mind doing this during weekends especially during this long winter holidays loll :P


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