yesterday was paintball day! departed to Camberwell by train to meet Daniel, our driver for the day =). Was a fun journey, nice view of the countryside. Got lost a couple of times, but luckily thanks to our good sense of direction and a few phone calls saved us from getting too far away from the paintball location. We missed Mountain Road and made a left turn instead of a right. The direction sheet said the place was called Paintball Skirmish but the real location was actually called Splatball. So we actually landed right in front of the Splatball entrance but drove off to find Paintball Skirmish. How dumb…we went of like 10km down and finally turning back after making a phone call. >__<!!

Got there around 10.30am, we were late 30 minutes but it was all good, people were just gearing up. A total of 44 people were there, 22 on each team. Team 1 was basically the Nazi’s and Team 2 was the camouflage team which resembles the Americans. Mission briefing begins and we headed to the battlefield.

The weather was quite bad. Cold, the guns were cold, the balls were cold, the headgear was cold and condensation was really…extreme, can’t see a thing. The people there were very friendly and they had warm smiles all day long =D. We played 4 games, all with different objectives and they were all pretty hard. The first two games were the toughest because most of us couldn’t see anything from wearing the headgear to protect us from losing our eyesight. Second game was fun, saving the missing pilots. Team 1 was down, except the surviving pilots and 3 other guys. Me, Joseph and Wei Sung. Camo’s were swarming the area but luckily we found the pilots. Joseph and Wei Sung became decoys. Ran out just to get themselves shot, sacrificing themselves to allow the pilots to run to safety. I covered the pilots. We win :D! the last game was insane, Speedball. Both team starts at both ends of a squared area with just barrels for cover. Really intense gunfire, the sound it makes when the balls hit the barrels is just crazy loud. It really felt like a real firefight. The opposing team literally overrun us with their bulk forces and non-stop random firing. So… i got shot twice in the head, once on each leg, once on my back and both sides of my arm. Bruised knee and an injured thumb. Not that bad. Bruises are visible the next day. The semi-automatic guns weren’t hard to maneuver but it was hard to conserve ammunition (balls -_-“). They should create some paint-grenade, exploding all the paint right in the enemy’s face. That’ll be really really fun =)

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