bring me to japan

This August, someone has bring me to Japan. Whoever kind enough to get an air ticket for me to Tokyo. I need to go there. Take me there, take me there….

IT’S SUMMER SONIC 2006! All the big names are out at Tokyo. My favourite band, lostprophets is performing as well omfg T___T @!$#&E$&!*!! This is sad! I summon the prophets to Melbourne, Australia!

Had movies on Tuesday and Wednesday, Click had a really interesting plot. Some touchy moments and my favourite actress, Kate Beckinsale is in the movie. Totally satisfied. Rockin body, perfect. Just My Luck, wasn’t bad at all. I find it really entertaining, the unlucky parts were just funny and silly. Nice romantic parts but Lindsay Lohan kissing so many men in the movie was just gross. Band McFly was in the movie but not really a big fan of them though. Some of their best songs were I’ve Got You and Five Colours in Her Hair.

Speaking of gross, pregnant gals are even gross when they appear on a magazine cover naked. Yes, it’s none other than Britney! *Oops, I did it again plays in the background* Check it out here.

Spidey fans brace yourselves for Spiderman 3 next year. Trailer is already out. Nice black spidey suit. I’m sure the movie is just as good as the previous ones. :D

Spiderman 3 trailer (Quicktime format)

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