world cup?

Italy vs France, seems like everyone was into soccer, I wasn’t. Maybe Soccer isn’t addictive enough for me, or is it just me who prefers big sweaty guys, man, wrestling it out in the squared circle. Soccer easily bores me, when there is no action. Kicking and passing the ball…is just a waste of time watching, but I have to admit, the goals are entertaining but how many goals can a soccer game have? Limited? Limited entertainment. Basketball would be a better choice.

I think wrestling is always badmouthed for being fake, even to those who’ve never watched a single match before. Well, to those who like to think of it that way, i have nothing much to say but to watch the shows these wrestlers put up for the millions of audiences around the world. Jumping off a 20-foot ladder, steel chair shots onto the head, performing moves which could lead to fatal injuries, planting barb wires into one’s face, I don’t think fake is a word suitable. Not at all. Some people might think wrestling is too violent, restricting themselves to watch even a tiny bit. Brainwashed by the term violence, people are unwilling to see what wrestling is all about. But in fact, some people find it as a source of entertainment. Different people, different interests. Maybe that’s what I am, different from the majority of people around me. I am different.

Anyways, enough of the ranting. Here’s some update. Congratulations to Italy for winning the 2006 World Cup, Ken was so adamant to go watch the game at Lygon St. Sorry, but it was really cold that evening, or should I say morning. Pirates of the Carribean 2 was a good sequel. OK, no spoilers, but the fighting scenes were funny and creative. Some language usage which I didn’t really understand, or maybe it was my ears failing me.

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