Morning update. I don’t think it’s suitable for me to sleep at 10am now. Doing nothing much lately, watching too much anime and drama series. The TVB drama series which i used to watch everyday in Malaysia, yeah, my sister got me some from her HK housemates. I’m addicted. Watched 10 episodes with some breaks in between, gosh, there is another one to go. Successfully finished a really good anime, Fate/Stay Night. Seriously one of the best storyline ever, addictive as well. I still have a lot of stuff to watch, but time is the greatest enemy. Holidays are near the end, Gavin is coming back from Malaysia. How I miss Mom, Dad, and Grandma :(

I guess i’m gonna go give them a call but i don’t have a land line. I’ll do it on my mobile, but first, recharge xD! A friend of mine had a chance to get involved in something that might eventually turn out to be good. I will try to keep it vague but I guess in life, certain things are meant to be untouched. Only maintaining it as it were before, is probably the best method to solve certain problems.

Sleepless nights. Thoughts. Memories.

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