Well, this semester is no joke for me. Materials 2 lecture everyday at 2pm. OMFG. No more early classes except for Maths. Now that I got my brother together with me for morning lectures, I won’t be going to Uni alone! Wonderful! I still want everything to be in the morning but Everything seems to be in the exact opposite. I hate it. Morning classes are so much better, so I get to end early and do stuff later in the day. Lets hope practical classes will be cancelled as usual…but it’s very unlikely to happen though. Two days ago, the boys stayed over at my place for 2 nights. All we did was play and eat. I think it was a fun experience, Ken stayed in my room, he sure loved the warmth :D. I didn’t really played much, but spent my time watching the rest play and resting on my bed. Maybe I’m the type who prefers to be alone sometimes. Too much human activity makes me go tired easily…

Krispy Kreme again last Sunday was quite a journey. Another different experience everytime I go there. Well, this time wasn’t as bad as the first time where we had a long long detour. This time we had to wait for the bus, which took sometime before it started moving. And not to forget waiting for the bus when the train service ended early. Luckily we still got back to the city and with the doughnuts! Maybe it’s just me and public transport. Always unlucky heh. That’s me.

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