Another new semester. Thinking back, last semester was really a dull one. The main reason being myself, not able to socialize around much with local, Aussie students. They have their own social group, normally and most likely an extension from their high school life. They hang out with the same group of friends from high school, so University life is nothing different from before. Maybe some of you don’t really think of it this way, mainly because of the different course each person takes. Majority of people consists of local students. Yes, i have local friends but then, they are more like acquaintances rather than friends. Another krappy post, new semester woes…wonder if i can improve in any way this term. Have I improved from last year, or have I not?

Ahh, finished watching several anime this holiday. Really liked Full Metal Panic! series. I know, i know..i’m always slow in animes. But it’s not too late eh? Fate/Stay Night is another great anime….apart from the long boring scenes about the past. Skipped them too many times. :P Currently still addicted to Ouran High School Host Club and Ergo Proxy. Chinese drama is done, I guess I won’t be watching anymore because of the length. Still have a lot to watch, but I think I would rather study.

And not to forget, I want to go to another live show. Sigh. This one rocks.

Civil Eng 101 – 4 Lectures a week + 1 Tutorial
Materials 122 – 4 Lectures a week + 1 Tutorial
Dynamics & Measurement – 3 Lectures a week + 1 Tutorial + 1 Prac
Applied Maths – 3 Lectures a week + 1 Prac + 1 Tutorial

krap recommends: Cute Is What We Aim For

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