WWE Raw Summerslam Tour

Ok, this might be a little outdated since it happened last Saturday but it still is exciting news! I finally went to another live WWE event! This time in Melbourne, where it was much better compared to Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I remember at that time I was desperately finding a merchandise booth at the events area but they sold nothing but the lousy tour T-shirt. Over here, I finally got hold WWE merchandise, T-shirts! Yes, I’m quite into them but buying them online wasn’t a good idea because of the postage and stuff, not really worth getting anything unless I buy a whole lot of T-shirt. Anyways, the journey to Rod Laver Arena wasn’t that hard. We were walking on Lonsdale Street and we saw like 3 couples already preparing themselves for the event, how did we know? T-shirts. Yes, Degeneration-X T-shirts. Joseph and I took the tram from Flinders Street and gone straight to the arena, the whole tram was packed as though the humans were going to burst out of the tram when the doors open at every stop. There were many kids, everyone knows why kids love WWE :) and not to mention their parents. There were many fanatics wearing previous tour T-shirts, so happy to see so many people loving WWE just like me :D. Reached there, and by the time I reached the merchandise booth, most of the T-shirts that I wanted were sold out. Luckily they have a local online website selling them so I was quite pleased. The arena was huge, and at the end of the event Howard *The Fink* Finkel, announced that the Rod Laver Arena broke a new box office record with 15,154 fans in attendance. It was really a special night, seeing the Pyros going off just like the ones on TV, the experience was so much different. The Steel Cage was a huge plus for the Melbourne show, which was really the main reason I went to the event. Thats right, I’m already planning to attend next year’s WWE event. :D

Other stuffs I’m currently into is watching anime and obviously studying. Well, Fullmetal Alchemist is done with 21 episodes more to go, and the movie. Downloading Honey and Clover, really nice anime to watch, it’s a unique kind of anime which is sorta like taking snippets of life, and watching it makes everything so real. You guys should really check it out, Honey and Clover. Ghost in a Shell: Stand Alone Complex is another one of those animes I’m currently into…Gosh, there is quite a lot of stuff to watch. I need to find some time to rest my eyes…

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