Fake? Wrasslin?

Recently went to Raw Summerslam Tour, got to talk about it with some friends of mine, some people think of wrestling as nothing much but fake. No realism in the sports itself? Well, maybe it’s the norm that people hate brutality or violence. Wrestling isn’t entirely fake to me, in fact, I would consider it to be real…

krapman lashes out loud.

OK, I have to admit that I seriously am a wrestling fanatic, maybe not to the extent of doing wrestling moves on a person (although I did but it didn’t hurt much, or maybe it did…). I’ve been pretty much into wrestling since young, watching it every single week, ordering pay-per-view channels to satisfy myself, and reading a lot of backstage news on wrestling.

Times when people talk about what their interests are, their passion, their source of entertainment in life, I feel like I getting slapped in the face everytime I indulge myself in this topic. My interest is in wrestling, my source of entertainment is wrestling. Wrestling? Isn’t wrestling fake? That is the most common thing I’ve heard throughout my entire life. Before considering what the sports is all about, people jump into conclusion that wrestling is indeed fake, just because their friends who watched or heard from other friends say that wrestling is fake. To my knowledge, most of them concluded that wrestling is fake even without watching any wrestling show at all.

I know, you may be one of them I’m talking about. Anytime I had someone over to my place to watch WWE, they somehow make comment about the whole thing of wrestling being fake. I think it’s not a correct way to say that wrestling is fake. It is indeed scripted, or choreographed to be exact. Most people refuse to accept wrestling for what it is. I say, do a reality check for yourself on TV, or from me which could be easily downloaded since coming to Australia, there isn’t any pay-TV for me to subscribe to.

OK, so they’ve watched it alright, and a wrestler performs an incredible move, lands in a peculiar position, gets hit in the face with a steel chair, jumping off the ropes to tables and they say, “Woah, that’s really incredible. But it’s all fake, yeah?”. It really pisses me off, for them thinking and reassuring their thoughts that what they think of is indeed correct.

It is a fact that wrestling is less than real to almost anyone; especially for a person like me who has been watching wrestling since the WWF years and evolving into WWE in 2002. Some people feel really traumatized when I tell them that I really like wrestling, worrying that I might seriously believe it or maybe it’s just because they themselves were not sure that wrestling is dramatized. I’ll just go berserk and tell them off that wrestling is not fake and that every single rivalry created was for real in life. Maybe that’s the thing they expect from me, but No, I think a sarcastic smile, or remark like, “Oh really? Wrestling is fake? Shit….I got screwed over for all these years!” works better.

You go to the movies, say Terminator. Did you say anything when Arnold Schwarzenegger starts killing some people? Did you feel the need of saying that every single thing in the movie is all scripted, dramatized and not real? No. We don’t need to discuss whether how Lord of the Rings is made up, and the actors are not fighting using any magic or some sort of powerful sword or ring. Why? We know that everyone knows that even when movies shows some snippet of reality, it’s still a movie, people or actors pretending in order to entertain the audience.

Yeah, everyone knows that movies are for entertainment and the mind tells people that it is just made up and it is the same case for wrestling. WWE is Sports Entertainment. WWE takes it seriously that people call the sports which they now promote as Sports Entertainment.

En – ter -tain – ment.

dxSome people refuse to allow themselves to enjoy the action, candor, and drama of wrestling by verbalizing the element of pretending involved. If we constantly reminded ourselves how Gandalf isn’t really a wizard, could we enjoy the movie as much? Or what if every time Russell Crowe killed another gladiator, someone whispered, “That’s not real blood, right?” It would not only annoy everyone, but it would take away from the experience of being taken into a story. The Rock’s funny comments on TV are scripted? So are all of Mel Gibson’s inspirational speeches in every war movie he’s ever been in.

Allright, go ahead and jump off a 20 foot cage onto a table down below and tell me that the jump was choreographed. Tell me that the chair shot to the skull was scripted. So was Gandalf jumping on the back of a giant eagle from the top of a stone tower. Tell me that the whole storyline in WWE was fake since the very beginning. Well, so was the whole plot of The Matrix.

reyWrestling in WWE is real enough, not entirely fake. Enough with saying wrestling is fake, if you met a wrestler we would be kissing their ass and not telling them what they do is fake. Wrestling may or may not be fake, it might be exaggerated but does that matter?? Wrestlers hardly spend time with their families because of the constant tour promoting and doing their job entertaining true fans, or trying hard to prove that there is realism in wrestling. Get over it, let them do their job, their passion, their desire to entertain others who treasure it. Not simply stating that what they do is fake. You want to tell people that Mick Foley goes through hardcore matches with barb-wires, flames and C4 does not jeopardize their life. Rey Mysterio doesn’t jump off the ropes and hurt people, Chris Benoit’s Cross-face doesn’t hurt people, Ric Flair’s Figure Four Leg-Lock doesn’t hurt a single bit, Kane’s chokeslam itches a tiny bit on the back, the Batista bomb is just like a slap on the head and the list goes on and on….Well, tell you what, That’s a full load of crap because these wrestlers took forever to reach where they are right now. Some wrestlers such as Steve Austin retired early because of his injured neck, Randy Orton’s elbow injury, Hulk Hogan’s knee injury, Chris Benoit’s fractured vertebra…do you think all those are fake as well? For them to be respected by people in and out of the industry they do not need people claiming to like wrestling sitting and claiming that what they do is fake.

Again, does it matter if it’s fake or not?? Are people not being entertained bt what these talented professional wrestlers are doing. Simple Yes or No….

Is WWE fake? In the sense of the outcomes, characters, and situations of matches, Yes. In the sense of the physical and mental toll, hell no.

Get over it saying that wrestling is fake, the wrestlers deserve respect for what they do for a living.


Extracts taken from WWF is fake? So is Lord of the Rings.

One thought on “Fake? Wrasslin?

  1. So true. I posted a similar article about it just now. It’s not nearly as kind as yours but hopefully you can agree with a fellow disgruntled wrestling fan.

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