party again

Well this time it’s Ken’s birthday party, celebrated on Saturday, his real birthday is Tuesday. Guess we had a lot of fun at his party, it was totally japanese style lolz. Sukiyaki beef, a sushi cake, and inari and tempura. Gosh I didn’t really enjoyed any tempura because of the beef and sushi’s. We ended up having 2 cartons of beer. With some gay drinking game from Mori-senpai, I stuffed myself with too much beer and wine. Luckily I didn’t end up drunk or doing anything idiotic. Overall was a great night, great food, great people. No afterparty such as Dota, thank God. If not I won’t be saying goodbye to my bed and pillow.

Today was hell, gotta skip my lecture to finish up with the stupid speech for Intro to Civil Eng. Maybe I stuffed up real bad during the speech reading of the answer, but anyways more than half the class was gone because it was overtime. I’m getting a headache, and this balsa wood bridge project is giving me headaches, not to mention the other assignments due soon. Luckily this bridge thingy is going to be done in a group. And Quinnie, Ferry…Don’t depend on meeee, I suck! T__T.

Tickets for Panic! at the Disco is sold out, Dashboard Confessionals, no idea…and seriously when are you gonna come Lostprophets!? Damn….back to listening to Shinobi vs. DragonNinja…and Mom, please send the Liberation Transmission album to me now! XD

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