sing scream shout

I was kinda down last week with a running nose, fever and a bad throat…and in the running nose became blocked and it sucked real bad. Had to sleep most of the time and do nothing. Still had to wake up and go to classes or I’ll be the one missing out. Missing out on last week’s Prosh week in Uni. So many random stuff…naked people running in lecture theatres and many crazy stuff. Got to entertain myself with some Jelly wrestling though…there were people from my course who took part in it. There was a guy with his fkn dick hair stickin out all over, was totally unpleasant sight…and he was wearing a female swimming suit. (No wonder his dick hair is exposed -_-“)

Anyways back to the wrestling, the male one was quite old school and the Team Eng won. Man..his pants were falling and he had no undies. Fkn gay. The female one was entertaining. One of them wore bikini and guys went wild as usual. Again Team Eng (not the bikini one) wins ahahah! Check the pics from Edwin’s site.

Last Friday was also another mad day…went to karaoke despite my soar throat…In the end of the day I had nothing but a deeper voice and then the next day I was already speaking in a very deep voice. I can hear myself speaking..and I’m sure that wasn’t myself speaking. Hoooo sang with all the Biomed people how weird I was the only outsider from their course. I sang Guns N’ Roses, Welcome to the Jungle :S Really tried to sound like them..really really hard and it’s gay!

Did some bridge stuff at Quinnie’s place in Moorabbin, quite a lovely place in the suburbs. She had so many tools thanks to her dad rofl… and yeah I hope we get to finish it soon. The bridge looks kinda flimsy and weak though @_@. Wonder if it will be able to carry some weight. Really looking forward to going next week’s Merdeka day celebration at Velvet. Which is somewhere down the road where I live….

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