There is a time when everything comes all at once and you’re not in a position to say “no” to everything. You just have to accept it, do it, and get over it. There are so many fuckin assignments, this really sucks and some I have no idea where to begin. This totally sucks big time =[

OK, so there is the Balsa bridge assignment due on Monday, lets see if the bridge we made can even withstand a 1kg load…or maybe it’ll just break. Well hope everything works out fine at the testing on Monday. Monday we were given details on yet another assignment….report and sketches for the Sydney Harbour Tunnel. There was a stupid video on the tunnel…really had no idea how to write notes based on the video. Almost every single thing is important enough for the assignment….maybe my note taking skills need some brushing up :S. Then there’s Dynamics assignment, hoping to do it this Sunday >_<! Materials also is another headache…need to decide on some gay structures and talk about the basic properties of the materials in the structure. Well, Measurement is kinda like constant assignments…nothing much but the Computer Pracs are really annoying. Trying to get the tutor is a pain in the ass. Waved, lifted my arms for long enough for me to finish an episode of anime…

Lucky that there is no examinations for the subjects until the end of semester, except for maths. I would be dead, just so dead if there is an exam. Concrete, stiffness, steel, ductility, eutectoid, project management….. what the shit..!?

Merdeka soon…was planning to sleep the day off but seems like we’re up for something fun. Yes, obviously it’s at night. No countdown shit, we’re gonna be doing something totally unrelated to Independance Day…..well at least there’ll be fun n drinks! at Velvet Underground XD

Ok…i really need to sleep.

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