The immersed tube tunnel

Hey Hey, maybe one day I’ll be making one of those immsersed tube tunnels. They’re really magnificient, requires no digging underwater or anything stupid like using a bore to make a big big hole underwater. This technique is mad, by just using a dredge, removing all the gross stuff which all of us throw into the water, we get a small trench/hole which is big enough to fit the concrete tube tunnel. Well, it fits exactly into the trench with probably a minor error of 1 metre only. Marine operations help in lowering these 25,000 tonne tubes into the water slowly. Everything is done underwater with totally no visual help. Imagine lowering the tube into the trench using just your instincts and some given data from the computer. Less than 180 of tunnels built this way in the world. Maybe, just maybe…someday. Well it might not be all fun and interesting studying how all these great structures are created, but thats what I’m doing.

Yes, back to the assignment.

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