merdeka eh?

Yeah, nothing much happening during the busy weeks of uni. Assignments, fuckin assignments. Hell yeah, i’ve done most of it, just….a bit more. Well it was Malaysia’s 49th Birthday yesterday, went to this club which I have no idea where it was. It was….right on the street where I live, and I walk pass it everyday. Anyways, I might sound idiotic and totally blur, but the place is new! So there we go….had dinner with mates from Uni. They’re the BioMed Eng people, yeah, my bro’s course -_-“. Red Silk was quite a good place after all, but the food needs some touchup. Went to Sherwin’s place, then headed to Velvet Informer (I got the name wrong previously….thought it was Velvet Underground, which was in SG! Baka krap!)It was kinda gay in the beginning, like most of us went in and thought everything there was bullshit. Totally opposite of what we expected. Damn those games, it was pleasing but most of us didn’t want that crap. XD. Overall, not a bad night for something organised by students. There were lots of people, Malaysians, but still there wasn’t enough. Had lots of shots, and ChoongYi, the way you drink Corona is just gay. Ok, so everything was by Momu, so I heard. Yes, they were great people. Everyone was interested in the President, even myself :S. BTW, she was my mates friend. What a coincidence eh. Somehow, I took pictures with her and the event coordinators, that’s right, just gals. But the problem is Keat Seong hasn’t given me the picture. Fai D la…
Ok, so I’m finally a member of Momu. Voted for the you-know-who. So yeah, i’m kinda tired, i’m gonna go and rest. I’m gonna go and study too. Keep juicin’.

Update: finally it’s here =D

merdeka night

yup this is pretty, and you can actually guess who the prez Hmm….

merdeka night
as you can see, pete is glowing red, while keat seong is kinda stoned. The rest were fine, but we didn’t take much pics. :(

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