up and down

OK, so everyone is done with their little exam/test. And everyone is looking forward to the holidays. While the rest are happily planning what to do for the coming holidays, I have piles of work waiting to be done. Assignments are just the only thing I do in Uni. Nothing much to study, although understanding of concepts is fkn important. Sometimes, I doubt the method of teaching in the University of Melbourne and other uni’s. They just prefer to let students do everything on their own, assignments given without explanation. Maybe what I am saying is that I am the product of the Malaysian education system. The old school system where every kid is expected to study, as in reading and memorizing a textbook, doing exercise, problem sheets and ask nothing in class. We just absorb everything and do not question why. I’m sorta grown up to be like this. Which probably makes things harder at times…

smirnoffAnyways, abandoning assignments for the day…we celebrated the end of exams, the end of the 1st half of the second semester. Sherwin (Chef Mah) cooked for us, not the typical ones we always had anywhere. The preparation took hours, and in the end we had quite a fair amount of food for the group. We went to Safeway Lygon to get the stuff before that, took quite sometime, went to Kelvin’s place and started to chop everything up. Meat, vegetables, onions, garlic, spices, bla bla bla….yeah quite a hellacious preparation. But it was expected, to serve the amount of people in attendance. We even played drinking games later that night, it was almost the same game I played during Ken’s birthday party. Smirnoff didn’t really tasted good with Lift. Probably Coke would be better…

Anyways, what is a celebration without pics?! Sadly enough, i busted my Flickr upload quota, so bare with me while i slowly upload them…

chefmah group food more to come..

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