Kelvin’s bday

Alright, it was a surprise party at College Square. All of us met up at the ground floor public area (o.O i made that up). We brought his favourite BBQ pork from a shop on Bourke St. There were pizza, rice, spring rolls, chips, and lots of stuff. A lot of people from College Square, most of them i don’t really know. Well anyways, we hid in a corner and waited for Kelvin’s return. “What the hell are you doing here!?”. He thought the BioMed people forgot that it was his birthday haha, no way i guess. I guess everyone in Uni pretended not to know that his birthday was on Monday.

What is a 18th birthday without alcohol!? Oscar and the rest got some booze. Which later had to be kept away because some faggot guard said no alcohol was allowed. Screw the mofo….he kept on coming back and forth making sure we didn’t drink. How annoying…we brought the booze upstairs and continued. Went to Albert Park to find this place called Albert by the Lake….the location of the BioMed ball. Sitting in a car is so much fun, miss it lots! =D.

I remember last year during my 18th birthday the Arrow peeps gave me a great surprise party. I actually got conned by Abigail, who said she left some stuff at my place. Taking my keys, and returning soon after…i never thought she actually left the door unlocked and the people gathered in my place…awaiting my return before I hit 18. Man…entering the room I realized 2 unknown pair of shoes…for women! And yeah they pretty much knew they had to come out….and yeah that was my birthday surprise….kena tipu, so sad..

Anyways, there are tons of photos from the party. Flickr is out. Considering to get a Pro account but in the meantime…..wait.

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