assignment frenzy

Too many assignments. Fucking lecturers are too happy to see us suffer as they hand out assignments and expect to seen them handed in before the holidays. 5 stupid assignments before the break and all weren’t easy. Luckily I finished them all now. So here I am, wasting time before going to bed…… I partially finished 3 assignments 2 weeks before the due date. No, I didn’t really plan my schedule or do anything extraordinary to finish them so quickly. The only secret I had was to assume that the due date is a week earlier than the real one….Then i worked towards the assumed due date. By doing that I guess I eliminated a lot of stress this week. Luckily I had the opportunity to chillax throughout the week. I.e. kelvin’s party, eating out everyday, shopping, and a lot of lousy lectures.

Sometimes I see couples who look real great together. Some don’t. Most of the time they don’t. A girl who is really great, good looking and have the widest possibilty of having a great man who suits her goes for the worst looking one with pretty much nothing extraordinary. I wonder why? Maybe he’s just good at girls. He knows the way to treat girls nicely, or maybe he’s just great on the bed. There are too many reasons, but it’s all up to them to choose what they want.

Again, this holiday won’t be a holiday anymore. Received another assignment yesterday, and the previous day. Once I get back to Uni, there will be another 2 more awaiting me. This really sucks. Since when did I enroll myself to do assignments and nothing else? Sighs, Trinity College were the best days. Everything was sooo relaxed and easy for us… pass….

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