this feels like it

I get this all the time every holiday break. Before the holiday I tell myself to study for the exams. Wake up, study and laze around for a bit, then study again. But all the time this plan fails. Just because I’m so easily distracted. Fucking around doing everything except studying. Yeah, there were some good times with freaking assignments but other than that, things have pretty much seem the same each semester break. Study, again I need to remind myself, motivate myself. Motivation, that is something I really need right now. Or maybe I’m lacking passion in what I’m currently doing. Today, a friend of mine told me that everything in engineering (except for the biomeds) was kinda practical and hands-on. Everything we do, the assignments, we study indirectly from it. Come to think of it, it was true. Maybe I’m on the right track after all….or not.

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