Had a day trip to Great Ocean Road with some friends on Tuesday, the journey was tiring…. I wonder why bus rides are always tiring, makes you feel like going to sleep all the time. Anyways, we get to see rocks, big ones, small ones. Yes people, literally.:P And there were bushes everywhere, lots of em’ can be seen from the bus. Lots of bus stops, toilet stops, and camwhoring by the girls…and guys. The Twelve Apostles just looked like humps, big big humps. And there was London Bridge which had lots of nothing but rocks as well. Other than that, coastal scenery was quite impressive. The return journey was a killer…an ancient movie was played. If i remembered correctly, it was called “Smiley“….. really sick ass show (Yep, it is a fkn old movie). Casino that night was just spectacular….the roulette table was really fun to watch. Some rich asian dude bets $100 on each number, and wins around 3.7k each spin but his luck ran out on the fourth….. I won around 50 bucks, which is good enough. :D

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