the Royal Melbourne Show

group_picAnother outing last Saturday. It feels, smells and look the same like last year. The event was called the Royal Melbourne show and No, it did not have any Royal feel to it. This year I went with them (see pic).

Basically it was a big carnival with stuff like expos’, competitions, and animals. The place was humunguous and it had tons of rides. Yeah, freaked out on some, had fun on some, but overall it was all good. Last year we had 2 rides, and I doubled up to 4 rides this year. Maybe 8 next year? And if you haven’t noticed, we had a beautiful head accessory. Jos actually loved it, I think i looked like a dickhead! @__@.

We pretty much spent the whole day touring the showgrounds (more like camwhoring at the showgrounds) and tried our luck to get hold on a plushie(s). We lost quite a fair bit in almost everything. The games were all con and gosh it burned holes in our pockets and…….. eventually we had a soft toy but not by winning. One of the lady was kind enough to give us one just because she liked our headgear. How Great was that. Everyone was in love with that thing. I’m the only one who is sane enough not to love it……Anyways, it was much fun and yeh……….Fun.

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