I’m sick and tired of it. Sick of being deceived into believing that there was nothing left. The fact is, there is something left, and it will always be there. I might be thinking too much of this matter, it really turns me to a emo freak. The act was just a child’s play so that people like me would believe in it. I actually believed that it was over and new things shall happen, better things. It wasn’t the case though, everything seems the opposite when you look deeper and deeper into the matter. There are signs of flaws, and a bit of thinkin, everything seems to be nicely planned. I am really sick of trying to believe the opposite of what my mind tells me. You say you hate it, but it seems like you have no choice but to like it. What you say and act doesn’t connect. I’m just sick of it.

Feel like going out tonight, Lavish or somewhere but depends on my mates. Have to get along well with dear assignments as well. This is gonna be a fucked up weekend. Yummm Sengggggg!

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