study again lar…

Haiz, time to mug the notes again. Really hate this study period, everything seems so screwed and there’s assignment right till the end of the month, which is like 8 days before my first paper. I really enrolled myself to work like a dog, just assignments and no time to even relax and read the lecture notes. Messed up yesterday to introduce myself to this gal from Civ Eng. Haiyo, nevermind still got chance but the problem is she’s in most of my lectures. It’s just plain awkward. And I see her everywhere……why does she appear just to torture my male soul? At least did something with the old stock….(going to expire la….lol) now awaiting new stock. Loving Saosin and Lostprophets…..

“Always all ways…

And I’m sorry for what happened,
But I want you there to see,
That I’m changing all my actions,
I don’t wanna set you free”

And I miss Bak Kut Teh, I dunno why…..not to mention chicken rice, fried kueh teow and roti canai…..

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