Maybe I haven’t noticed

wolfmotherOk, probably I didn’t give it a good listen the last time but only several tracks were good. After re-downloading Wolfmother, gave it a few tries and I find that the songs are just plain wicked. Wickedly good to listen to =). I did not go to Taste of Chaos 2006. So I missed Taking Back Sunday and Saosin…..!! Oh well, next year on my calendar……WWE, Taste of Chaos and Lostprophets…..and Story of the Year if they come again.

” She’s a woman, you know what i mean,
You better listen, listen to me
She’s gonna set you free oh oh yeah….”

Library wasn’t fun at all and I ended up watching Kendo tournament in the SportsCentre. After that I had my first taste of Ichiban crepes. I know, i know…’s been there for quite some time…but I don’t eat these things quite often. My crepes was small, tiny and flat. So much for ordering nutella crepes. The girls had their strawberry and ice-cream crepe which was so much larger -___-. There’s a mock test tomorrow and I’ve gotta do something about it. I am feeling tensed….but it’s a MOCK test. Bah, still feeling tensed and I’m hungry now….why the heck did I wake up at 6.30am….

Back to assignments.

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