Choong Yi’s “surprise” cake

OK, so Sunday was Choong Yi’s Birthday and we had to remain silent about celebrating it or doing anything on that day. The culprit is none other than Pei Shan…so…we planned to surprise him at Lincoln Square while the birthday boy walks home after his sumptuous meal at a German restaurant. Not to forget he had his supply of  Coke which he can only drink every year during his birthday. Why can’t he have his Coke? Well, apparently he had a promise or something to drink Coke only on his birthday but that’s how it seems…(Cyi you better tell me the whole story).

Me and Ken “gathered” at Lincoln Square North and waited and waited and waited….then a phone call from Pei Shan saying they are arriving soon…Lit the Mars Bar cake immediately but we had to wait for another 15 minutes. All Wrong, wrong, wronG! The candles melted and we ended up having just 1 candle for his 22nd birthday. Cake was awesome and the surprise went “well”.

On a side note, exams is coming in a weeks time and people are busy entering the library to study. Familiar faces everywhere and busy traffic in the Ballieau Library. It seems like that place is becoming my least favorite place to study…

Many things been happening at the wrong time. Enough, the problem just keeps on coming but that’s what keeps me moving on because I believe that there will be solutions to everything. Sometimes I feel like putting myself in a situation, which I’m not supposed to be in. It’s strange that now I feel like becoming an introvert, ignoring everything that is in front of me.

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