The end is near.

OK, so I haven’t been posting anything lately. The past few weeks has been plain study, although there were some break movie sessions. I didn’t really have much stress over the whole Swot Vac period…mainly because the exams are so far apart. Studied and played just as much…I hope I do well in my exams. Tomorrow will be the last examination paper. 6 more hours to the damned paper and I’m gonna be free. Free free free but not for long. I wonder what I’m gonna do in Malaysia. There is nothing much I can do besides rotting, so I want to return to Melbourne and get a job or something…Maybe summer course was a good idea after all..

Studying isn’t what we do all the time. We had a birthday party for Sze Lin at Hard Rock Cafe. Even though I had one day to study for my final paper, attending the party was worth it….It wasn’t her real birthday, the advanced party was just as good. Having birthday’s too late in the year and nobody will attend it….all fly home or far apart.

OK, I’m gonna continue sitting at this working table for another few hours….wish me luck. Freedom (temporary) here I come.

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