Not that bad

The Materials 2 paper yesterday was fairly easy. Stuff which came out were almost identical to past papers…so it’s pretty lame. Finished it in about 1 hour. So now here comes my holiday. Nothing much to do besides meeting up and chilling hahaha. I had my long long sleep after a month of nonstop studying. So friggin tired of everything and I got 9 hours of good sleep. I’m kinda looking forward to what is in stored for me in Malaysia. I think I’m gonna work at some place….some site work or maybe in the office…which is not a bad thing for my CV.

Sexpo is here again this year. I might go visit it sometime soon and see what kind of toys I can find there :D
So this is what I learned today, never buy a Gigabyte motherboard. Kah Horng messed it up badly and got “conned” into buying shit stuff. Lucky the vendor wasn’t shifty. Poor Quinnie and Jenny never ate dessert house before….so I had to bring them there -_-” What have these Aussie kids been doing at home. Sighs….Chinatown Ftw… I’m called a food expert in the town. Righttttt. OK, it’s time for me to Rot. Sweet Rot.

“30 Seconds to Mars – Attack”

I won’t suffer, be broken,
Get tired, or wasted,
Surrender to nothing,
I’ll give up what I ,
And stopped it,
From end to beginning,
A new day is coming,
And I am finally free

One thought on “Not that bad

  1. hahaha…food experts.yeah im sure we all do. Stay in city last year eat out everyday of course know. Damn so good the exam you gotta enjoy the hols man. Btw the stuff in sg is so much cheaper than aussie.n the internet 30 mbps..fuck.stupid arrow 512 k not unlimited some more.lmao.k see you soon man.

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