Exam results. Busy days.

Wow, its almost a week that I’m back in Malaysia and I haven’t complained about boredom at all. I’ve been going out each day and the next thing I know is the exam results are out already. As expected, I managed to pass every thing. And there weren’t any P’s so I’m super happy this time. I feel like partying but it’s almost 5am now so I’ll have to save it for later.

These few days has been really tiring, especially for my stomach. Food, food and food. Bringing Ken around KL was quite fun, especially visiting key attraction places in the city (which I’ve not been myself. I know, I’m a hopeless M’sian). So..we went to places like KL tower, the Petronas Twin Towers and the National Monument. I never been to KL tower and the Tugu Negara…so it was quite fun lol.

Ahh food, good ol hawker food. Once we touched down in KL, we had Hokkien Mee, satay, grilled fish and all the usual stuff we could find for supper. So many food and drinks which makes me wish for a larger stomach =D. Anyways, I get to meet Deniece after so long. She drove us around in KL, not to mention some wrong turns which led us to wrong places! It was all fun and I look forward to more fun for the coming days. STPM is over so….here I come peeps!

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