taking the train..

Well it was quite a while since I took public transport to KL, especially the KL monorail. I know, i know….I haven’t been back for quite some time but it’s so hard to get to a place. Why can’t they just build trains which connect everywhere without having to walk over from one station to another…Transits here and there, some big company should just buy both the LRT and the Monorails and merge them. Anyways, went out with all my buddies in M’sia. Still the same, still lame, still funny, goddamn fun it is.

Scamyx is slow as usual and I can’t even finish downloading a file. This is really sad and depressing. PS3 is overpriced due to “postage” and the Xbox360 has some issues once modified….so I might take some time to think about buying those consoles.

Bah, many people have been failing their subjects, but I shall not name them. Lucky for me I did quite OK, just OK. Which is good enough for me ^_^. Britney Spears is starting to make it to the headlines again not because of some baby issues with K-Fed. Now she’s getting wild huh… good on you Britney. Check it out here.

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