Langkawi: Day 1

It’s been quite some time since my last update…Anyways…here goes.

Things have been rough everyday since Ken has been here. Langkawi was quite a trip. We had to take the bus at 11pm and reached the jetty at 5am. Luckily I had some sleep in the bus but it wasn’t enough! Also, we had quite a day running around to get the bus ticket for Andrew as he decided to follow us to Langkawi after some persuading. Bus tickets were all gone and Andrew had to take another bus to get there but I found out that Thean had dengue fever -___- which made him unable to go for the Langkawi trip. Poor Thean!!!!! But Andrew was in luck so he had a spot on the bus with the rest of us! Lucky FCUK!

Anyways…the ferry we took in the morning at 6am was pretty OK. Except for the movie they were playing…it was Nacho Libre….in lousy VCD quality! Nothing really bad about the movie but it was all jittery and shit because the ferry was hitting some big waves and yeah it went kaput. Arrived there quite around 7am and we rented a Toyota Unser. We had some serious negotiations with the Malay dude who basically controls all the car rental service there. Mr. Lebai Rosli….so…from RM 220 a day to RM 170 and eventually RM 160. Lim Chang Hua was in charge of this aggressive negotiation.

The hotel’s check in time was 3pm so….we had a lot of time to spare. First we had to EAT! Everybody had a nice brekky and we started our journey driving around Langkawi Island. Joseph was assigned as ‘Navigator’ and Allan was our ‘Driver’. The RM 3.50 map saved our asses throughout the whole journey.

We visited some places like Galeria Perdana which has almost all Tun Mahatir’s barang-barang, some waterfall place and little places which I forgot. Didn’t do much after checking into the hotel because everybody was exhausted from the whole journey especially Ken and Andrew because they didn’t have any sleep due to intensive bus rides. They took bus from Singapore to KL and from KL to the jetty in Kedah.

Dinner in Kuah Town and looked around in the duty-free shops. Sleep after that.

Updates later…

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