dav-pic2davies? he’s spends his time mostly doing nothing. With only a year left before he graduates as a Civil Engineer, he has a diverse range of creative and technical solutions to potential clients. Besides that, he has many years of experience with computers and sometimes nicknamed ‘the guru’. He has a passion for usable, simple, yet elegant and effective solution in his designs and ideas.

The only jokes he can make is just corny(and horny) one-liners. Has the recessive trait for tongue curling; can’t do cartwheels and shares these traits with his twin brother. Sometimes he wonders why these lines are written in the third-person.

He is based in Melbourne, Australia, also known as the No.1 World’s Most Liveable City. It’s a home of multi-cultural ethnics and regarded as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. His interests is always changing with the flow of time except two constants: Music and Video Gaming. When he isn’t out supporting his favourite band, he will be home enjoying a 6-pack and hammering the PS3’s controller. Or something along those lines. He might be up to some active outdoor lifestyle with his mates. He doesn’t play Dota as much as he used to. 

Always working in anti-clockwise. And loves chicken rice.