Get Feeded!

To stay updated with krapman via a newsreader or feed aggregator, there is only one main RSS 2.0 format: the main feed has all the latest posts and a Flickr Feed for those who wants photos. Kewl links from Del.icio.us is also available. A FeedDemon link is available for your convenience

feed? what sh#t! is this ?

Stay informed. A feed is a form of syndicated content (which simply means you get to sync with all the latest news from frequented websites you visit). On this website, the content of the weblog and the resources section are made available for others via RSS feeds.

To find out more about feeds and syndication, check out the following links:

Too much details?

If you don’t understand a single thing here, the next step is to get a RSS news reader. It’s easier to read all the updates without having to click on every single link in your bookmarks. The most popular are FeedDemon for Windows, NetNewsWire for MacOS, Bloglines and GoogleReader for which are web-based. For starters, I would recommend Google Reader because of it’s web-based functionality.

If you’re interested in implementing it on your own blog (yes, if you publish a blog, you publish a feed) there is a much easier way. FeedBurner is one of the best site in providing wide support for bloggers to update their readers, track reader circulation and improve feeds functionality on your website.

Be sure to check these links: